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Photo by Ovinuchi Ejiohuo on Unsplash

Haven’t been here in a while
A place I always wanted to be,
And yet dreaded to go in exile
As green as a fledgling wannabe
For to be banished here for a sec,
Is to experience forlornness in eons
The like of which has no gram nor spec
But so magnificent it’s in pounds and tons

Haven’t been here in a while
This place that reeks of secrets
That could deny a beauty of her smile
And render an entire nation miscreants
Who kowtow in sheer misery and despair
To benefactors with real intents hid unknown
For a finding of an outlet and means for repair
Not for actual redress, but safety of all their…

They Wait to See Not

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Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash

We are born, we gradually grow, sitting, crawling, toddling and then walking. We also learn by snippets here, snippets there; from parents and close relations. At the beginning, our choices are limited, both in knowledge and in action. But gradually, the more we socialize, the wider our reach becomes. The possibilities become endless, and as adults the likelihood of making choices or taking paths alien to our upbringing definitely turns out to be greater. While for some this may manifest more in career, lifestyle or spiritual choices which are key aspects in life, others may simply be minor shifts in attitudes like forgoing a traditional demure approach to domestic issues in favour of a more direct approach to such matters. …

Love Poetry

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Image Credit: Lady Foxx.

I still love; she said
Even though the prospects
Like then is still slim
Is it madness that makes
One believe; that love
Can conquer all?….
I have seen love soften
Hardened hearts, melt
The coldest gazes
And set alight the darkest
Of paths ever threaded
But only when it’s true
And there never was
An undeclared, secret
Or unrequited love that;
That won battles and
Conquered hate, rather
Such only brought on
The fall of kingdoms
And erasure of dynasties…
So when you say
you love still…?
Pray do tell my dear
Shall that be a light, a
Source of immense strength
Or thy Achilles heel, and
Ultimate undoing…
No! she cried not a
Weakness or frailty in mind!
It shall be a reinforcement
And a beautiful legacy
Of overcoming fear
Breaking through prejudices
Lame boundaries oh! …

Say it With Me

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Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

I would bear my cross
For whatever its worth
For It did come to pass
That failure to come forth
When in that dire need
From weakness or fatigues
Are the sad reality indeed
Of friends and colleagues

I would build my faith
In the Lord and all good
For in the past only it hath;
Been the thing that stood,
Unflinching in the desert
And firmly through the famine
That almost took apart
Every and all that’s mine

And grow my inner empath
So that I may, in compassion
Look at the bygone arid path
With more hope and an intention
To seeing that no one faces
Any of the negative repercussions
That a population; almost effaces
And would cripple unborn…

Never Again Please!

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Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

Oh my lord! make me feel
Anything else but these
It totally breaks me up still
To so know just the ease
With which I am about willing
To bare my soul and risk
Another downward spiralling
By taking the initiative to ask
One more time for a chance
To start over a blank page
When the present difference
Was a result of an outrage
Of which I, though not innocent
Deserve so much forgiveness
At a whopping hundred per cent
And an open walk to happi-ness!

Oh my lord! make these the last
Of the times me myself longs to
Make the move to amend, first
Let me be in any other ship too
On the receiving end of a show
Of undying loyalty and intent
That inspite of all would grow
Into a forevermore commitment
Not a dillydallying and waste
Of time, emotions, heart and soul
And false promises made in haste
Without investment of the whole
Of self, friends, family and wealth
Let me be firm and worthy ever
And not treated merely above filth
But a jewel cherished like…

An Obsession

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Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash

This feelings I have
Can make me brave
The fiery fire dragon
‘Long as I would own
The largest of space
And be the only face
Carved in your heart
A forever long an art

Why you am not sure
I just couldn’t find cure
Even after I so searched
For eternally so etched
You have here remained
Even after it had rained
In tears, curses and all
This love shook not at all

I wake with you on mind
See a you in all mankind
Yet your voice do resonate
In all expression passionate
That’s meant to so ignite
In my dear heart some light
And so that i came to find
That you only are my…

Oh! My Love

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Image Yakori, Credit:Hauwa John.

When the skies are clearly blue
And sunlight shines through the hue
My first thought is always of you
Do you also think of me too?
Cos my love, oh! my love for you
Has stayed firmly in my heart true!

Over the time and the distance
Steadfast has remained my stance
For you and I was never perchance
It was always a simmering romance
Founded from a slow moving dance
We both are too afraid to advance!

A little nudge from me I wonder
Or a subtle sign from you, rather
Can once again bring us together
In spite of time, distance or other
So that in strength, we may weather
Those stormy paths in life till ether! …

Gentle, Consistent, Kind-love.

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The gentleness with which
The heart beats in its cage
Almost like soft knocks
Of a young lover boy
Sneaking off to a tryst
At twelve midnight …
Reminds me that the most
Important occurrence in life;
Those with the most impact
Happens with the littlest noise
And seldom raises any dust!

That life is tied to the continuity
Of that often overlooked act;
Of pumping by this heart
Whether in rain or in shine
Apparently makes clear
That it’s small and often
Albeit almost insignificant acts
That are consistently repeated
Overtime like the never- ending
Tick tock of a clocks second hand
That actually makes a big difference! …

The New Socialite Code

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Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

Self hate, self deprecation and mental health conditions are actually a thing now! people tend to think they come across as cooler, stronger or mysterious when they critically and negatively appraise themselves or mention having gone through depression or are bipolar or had suicidal thoughts.

Even though I have not researched into the phenomena, my guess is that this trend has a lot to do with the effects of social media and clamour for cheap popularity by preying on peoples softer emotions, conscience or weaknesses and motivational ideas of being a strong person. …


Lady Foxx

Lawyer and a Poet!| ♡Reading and Travelling| In writing, I understand....

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