Accept as Done

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I have heard tales
And have seen tears
Borne out of misery
For the unexpected
The raw betrayal
The bitter pain inflicted
A life turned down side up
With little empathy shown
Wondering what in existence
Could sow so much grief
And yet live on none the wiser

Now I didn’t just hear
Nay I am Othello’s Iago
Manipulating in my reach
Taking the armed offensive
To the oblivious heart
Performing intricate moves around
None with nary an honest tint
Staining and leaving burnt out
That heart whose crime then
Was trusting evil ministrations
Of a convoluted mindset

Do you…

A Poem

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A soul withers with time
As the beat of the heart
Slows into an inaudible tempo
Quietly fading till tis barely
Made out amongst
The ringing alarms and peals
Signalling a spiral
Out of the living shores….

The death of the living
Is no new story
Cos the walking dead are
Indeed the prevalent sort
To run into at every crossroads
With no cure in sight ….
For the panacea of the dead heart
Cannot be forged or forced….

I believe one day soon With patient nurturing Birthed of naturally deft hands We shall miraculously Resurrects a soul once more……

Speak up! Ask for help!

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Any discussion of suicide requires extreme caution. The specter of suicide has touched the lives of many and haunts both the living and the dearly departed. Thus, I state at the outset, if you start to read my story, please read it all the way through so that you do not lose sight of nor take anything out of context. This story does not glorify suicide. It abhors it and my intent and purpose are suicide awareness and prevention.

My experience with suicidal thoughts isn’t the type where one feels a need for or urge to end one's life. My…

Today and Always Forever

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

I am a woman,
AM not afraid to laid bare
MY most hidden aspects
SELF- less in my giving am I
TO those I che-rish and hold
DAY after every long night do I
AND nightly however the day am I
ALWAYS a bosom to recline
FOREVER as a worthy companion

I dare to be bold, AM never to be trampled upon nor MY spine broken to accommodate wrong SELF restraint is my natural gift TO mend and heal do I shed the tears DAYs I use to immortalize great times AND in pristine beauty, I find my peace ALWAYS…

Finding Light

Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

My anger is all gone
Not so my sorrows
They hit and claw
At my innards in time
To the erratic thuds
Of my treacherous heart

Words long hauled echoes
As do the shards of glass
That once was a vase
All Waiting to be swept off
The floors that I now
In, find solace like a cat

The milk has been spilled
Eyes are devoid of tears
The sun also has set
Even the moon is be clouded
Making the night gloomier
Yet to dawn, all this shall giveway

His soft tap on my shoulders Scorching sun in my…

A Price Too High

Photo by British Library on Unsplash

So much has gone
A lot has been lost
It really isn’t some game
There was no whistle bearer
To actually signal kick-off
Or blow out for a foul
To count down the minutes
And declare a close of a match

I remember we used to jest
Point fingers even at their turbans
And laugh at the billowing black robes
Till such a Friday as they arose
Armed with sticks and machetes
Their courage comical in effects
An uprising with a leader easily cut down
Sprouting a movement with multiple heads

That was the end and beginning A reign of…

Home and Country

Photo by Ovinuchi Ejiohuo on Unsplash

Haven’t been here in a while
A place I always wanted to be,
And yet dreaded to go in exile
As green as a fledgling wannabe
For to be banished here for a sec,
Is to experience forlornness in eons
The like of which has no gram nor spec
But so magnificent it’s in pounds and tons

Haven’t been here in a while This place that reeks of secrets That could deny a beauty of her smile And render an entire nation miscreants Who kowtow in sheer misery and despair To benefactors with real intents hid unknown For a finding…

They Wait to See Not

Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash

We are born, we gradually grow, sitting, crawling, toddling and then walking. We also learn by snippets here, snippets there; from parents and close relations. At the beginning, our choices are limited, both in knowledge and in action. But gradually, the more we socialize, the wider our reach becomes. The possibilities become endless, and as adults the likelihood of making choices or taking paths alien to our upbringing definitely turns out to be greater. While for some this may manifest more in career, lifestyle or spiritual choices which are key aspects in life, others may simply be minor shifts in…

Love Poetry

Image Credit: Lady Foxx.

I still love; she said Even though the prospects Like then is still slim Is it madness that makes One believe; that love Can conquer all?…. I have seen love soften Hardened hearts, melt The coldest gazes And set alight the darkest Of paths ever threaded But only when it’s true And there never was An undeclared, secret Or unrequited love that; That won battles and Conquered hate, rather Such only brought on The fall of kingdoms And erasure of dynasties… So when you say you love still…? Pray do tell my dear Shall that be a light, a Source…

Lady Foxx

Lawyer and a Poet!| ♡Reading and Travelling| In writing, I understand....

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